COMPLETED FANTRAUM "Masterfully served"

On Saturday, May 14th, FC Bayern celebrated the 26th German Cup. Carsten and Michaela were right in the middle of it. In an exciting and emotional casting event with stadium announcer Stephan Lehmann the two winners prevailed over their sympathic competitors. After answering questions to FCB, tasting beer blindfolded and pouring wheat beer, the jury declared Rhineland Palatinate-born Carsten and Bavarian Michaela to winners. 

Immideatly after the handover of the Champions’ trophy they served the wheat beer of champions to their stars - a priceless fan dream came true. After the event at the Allianz Arena Carsten continued to celebrate at the Masters Party in Munich Postpalast: a very special evening among the stars of the record champion.

Experience the emotional highlights of this weekend in the photo gallery on the right!

On Saturday Carsten and Michaela won ...
... the casting at Paulaner am Nockherberg.
The jury chaired by stadium announcer ...
... Stephan Lehmann examined the candidates with questions ...
... blind beer tasting and ...
... pouring the famous 3-liter glasses ....
... with Paulaner Weißbier Non-Alcoholic.
After the presentation of each finalist ...
... the jury nominated Carsten Weber ...
... of Rheinland-Pfalz and ...
... Michaela for the championship celebration of the FCB.

Thomas Müller

"To us, the championship celebration at the Allianz Arena is the emotional highlight of the Bundesliga season. It is very important for every single team member to celebrate with the fans. And therefore we think it’s a great idea by Paulaner that fans have the possibility to play an important role at this celebration."

Jerome Boateng

"The wheat beer showers on the championship celebration are a special experience each year because no one really knows what will happen. Last year I was the one to shower our coach - let's see if I can make it again this year. In any case, I hope that the winner or winners of the Paulaner Fan Dreams pour us masterfully."

Highlights of this Fan Dream!

Paulaner invites you to Munich for the season’s final on may 13th.

For this weekend Paulaner invites you to a centrally located **** hotel accomodation.

You’ll see the season’s last home game (FC Bayern München vs. Hannover 96) live.

At a casting you have the opportunity to win a unique and priceless award.

As a winner, Paulaner will dress you fittingly with traditional Bavarian attire for the champions’ celebration ...

... and this is how you serve to the stars on the pitch and at the party of the champions.

Welcome to Paulaner Fan Dreams!
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