Paulaner FANDREAM:


UN-BEER-LIEVABLE! FC Bayern Munich has beaten its own record and will now become the German champions for the ninth time in a row. We congratulate our partner FC Bayern and all the fans on this unique record. And we are celebrating this triumph with a unique Paulaner Fan Dream:

Win one of 50 three-litre glasses from special 2021 edition. They are strictly limited and are each numbered individually. This unique trophy is only available from Paulaner Fan Dream – it cannot be bought anywhere.

As a winner of this Paulaner Fan Dream, you will celebrate the goals, titles and triumphs of your club this year and hopefully in many more years to come with a one of a kind that only you have.

The registration for this Paulaner Fan Dream has ended. Thanks to all, who have participated! Now it is up to the draw. You will find the winners of the Paulaner Fan Dream on this page in the next couple of days.

The winners of the Paulaner Fandream "The Champions Trophy of Your Life" have been decided:

Uwe Fleischmann Fellbach, Sabine Kerschagl Böblingen, Damir Brasnic Sindelfingen, Elisabeth Streiter Augsburg, Erica Haas Passau, Thomas Eisenlauer Germering, Michael Menczer Unterhaching, Tanja Holzer Peissenberg, Franz Kern Oberammergau, Julia Hertel Rosenheim, Erich Völkl Weiden, Matthias Metzger Biburg, Herbert Klement Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, Helmut Schötz Dorfen, Sieglinde Knittel Mühldorf am Inn, Peter Kurzinger Perach, Werner Cerff Hersching, Monica Richter Mammendorf, Kerstin Bergbauer München, Klaus Griesshaber Mering, Frank Wißler Ermsleben, Renate Jaenke Kirchheim, Sonja Lübke Sundern, Thomas Kömpf Mücke, Britta Freitel Essen, Otto Beckers Overath, Ilka Ebers Klingenthal, Sabine Beenen Kempen, Olaf Hasse Tönisvorst, Guido Häusler Zülpich, Franz-Anton Bartmann Schöngeising, Hans-Joachim Knopf Konstanz, Hans-Peter Meissner Spaichingen, Konrad Riepertinger Prien, Michael Birkmaier Albaching, Anita Wimmer Loiching, Susanne Aichinger Altötting, Gabriele Näther Willanzheim, Marion Hennemann Grünwald, Rolf Weiss Uhingen, Daniela Neher Ursberg, Henriette Hieble Heimertingen, Arndt Geißler Zittau, Markus Wendrich Leipzig, Regina Schindler Trebsen/Mulde, André Claus Hermsdorf, Matthias Hirsch Dammbach, Janina Ziora Berg, Angelika Weiser Au in der Hallertau, Michaela Rappsilber Langquaid


„Being showered with beer is one of the emotional highlights of the season. That’s when you know: we did it! Together with our fans. We then drink to them!“

Thomas Müller FC Bayern Munich player

„With your numbered glass, you’re winning a unique three-litre glass from Paulaner. Thank you for supporting us and celebrating the championship with us."

Niklas Süle FC Bayern Munich player

„We thank all the fans for their great support in the past months. We’ve achieved so much together. Let’s drink to that. You’re all set for that with your exclusive three-litre glass.“

Robert Lewandowski FC Bayern Munich player

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